Revolution or Evolution? | The Unity Process


“Are you stuck in a revolving ouroboros, or are you on an evolutionary spiral inwards? In order to leave the ouroboros of externally conditioned thinking and relating behind, we must travel inwards until we reach our Source at the point of internal singularity. It is just past this point of infinite Oneness that we are then able to travel back out into the realm of material experiences, where we can then make a profound difference in the world. As they say, ‘the only way out is in’.” ~Nathan & Aline

Removing contradictions between our knowledge and understanding plays a large role in the spiraling in process, as synthesis causes a deepening of our internal BEing. The point where we hit absolute center is called the “Alchemical Marriage,” “Divine Marriage,” and the point of “Singularity.” The dark occultists who currently manage our realm also have a form of Singularity that they are working towards, but it is based in technology, and is called Transhumanism (the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.)

We are not working towards the Transhumanist Singularity, as it attempts to do unnaturally what we are all capable of finding within ourselves. Transhumanism ideology does so by forfeiting the individual’s sovereignty, individuality, and power over to the collective “One” (for more on this, please see the article “The Two Versions of Unity“).

Source: Revolution or Evolution? | The Unity Process


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