WE don’t have to DO anything anymore ~Lisa Transcendence Brown

Editor’s note: an excerpt from a great article for the First Wave Ascension Crew. Please click the link below to go to her Facebook page.

…These years of “dealing with” those “not quite ready yet”, those who need more proof, those who just are not quite sure, those who need to be pushed, those who still are way too human because they still put themselves first….. these moments are collapsing where “those issues” won’t be an issue anymore. Those who are not ready, will experience their realities however they “need to” in order to get ready, in order to actually care, in order for “this” to be the most important thing there is……

WE don’t have to DO anything anymore. We don’t have to try to “save” (old program), make it easy (old program) or convince (old program). All WE have to do is share, speak, re-educate, be visible, open up, hold these foundations that WE have already created in place…. all we have to DO is “wait” (we have total patience) and continue to DO from the other “future dimensions” and when human’s have suffered enough of their consequences, gotten over the finger pointing, gotten over their separation and selfishness, gotten over all the stories of who did what, gotten over their everything that gets in their way of being a part of GALACTIC NEW EARTH, gotten tired of suffering, gotten tired of struggle, gotten tired of the old ways… then the resistance energy of fear, judgment, lack of power, lack of respect, lack of pure love, lack of support, lack of being an integral part of this whole process will go and they will be ready to come on-board our Light Ship…..

NEW EARTH is a gridwork, a network, a whole new existence that can only be accessed from within. Full participation and commitment is required. Partial will keep each bound to old earth until there is no old earth left…

Source: (14) Lisa Transcendence Brown


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