As We Shift—Remember ~ Sophia Love

Editor’s note: another excellent article from Sophia Love.

Instead of discussing predictions, let’s, for a few moments, talk about what you know to be true.

Quiet the shouting announcements long enough to listen. The still and silent voice you find here, waits for willing ears. It’s been ignored and perhaps forgotten; yet it remains. It knows you will return.

In a dream world, all destinations wake you up. This life of ours is such a dream, perhaps, at times, a nightmare. Yet, good or bad the fact remains – it ends when we wake up.

There are some who push the snooze button time and time again. There are others, perhaps you may be one, who spring out of slumber the first chance they get.

It matters not what you believe, or who you listen to for the “real” story.  There comes a day we all wake up and share a collective smile. “Well done”, we’ll say. “Bravo.” “Your performance was superb.” With our costumes off and judgments shelved, we’ll see who really ran this show.

We can remember now you know; some of us already do. They step away from all the noise, they listen to the trees. They do not sit in solitude but pitch right in when called. They are in this world, but at the same time, not of it. From there they participate; from there they observe; from there they create.

You can watch, create and be in deep, without forgetting who you are. It takes belief. It demands intent. Both must spring from truth. For when the dream story is what motivates you, you still remain asleep.

You must wake up to change the script. That quiet whisper from within still waits for willing ears.
Listen now. Remember. You’ve used your last snooze cycle; that buzzing stops you notice the dream. Once realized, choice emerges.

What are you creating? Remember. Deep within are seeds of acceptance. They’ve broken through the surface now. Promote their growth with love. Give them room to bloom. Remember.

If I had one wish for all of us, it would look like this – a single moment of clarity. Where what we know astounds all of our senses simultaneously and leaves behind no doubt. A universal wake up moment, where all that remains is the dream. What is true then is us – brilliant, obnoxious, glorious, vibrant, radiant, spectacular us.

There is a better Earth, a new world, peace, longevity, prosperity, and ecstasy, simply because we’ve imagined them all. See this as truth. It will be so. This is what you came to do. Disregard the shouting and do what it is you are here for.

Love yourself without restraint. The world, your world, has no option but to follow. Make every wonderful imagining that is yours, manifest. Intend bliss. See joy. Feel plentiful. Hear vitality. Accept only love. Allow that quiet voice within to speak. With permission, it just may sing. Remember. You are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.

With love and gratitude,

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