How to Read Tarot ~ Part 2

…continued from How to Read Tarot ~ Part 1

Randomizing the cards can be done in various ways. Standard card shuffling techniques apply. If you do a lot of readings in succession, it may be best to shuffle once and then spread out the deck in a pile and allow the Querent to choose the cards. Alternately you can make a pile of the cards and “mess” them up. The pile of cards can then be easily randomized again for the next client.

Practice Makes Perfect
The hardest reading to do is one that you do for yourself, but this is the best way to practice, since you are always available, and you can verify your results. Keep a log of your readings, and compare your tarot log with your journal to see if your readings are accurate.

I used to do a six-month reading every month, and found that the “predictions,” although amazingly accurate, were not necessarily delivered on the time schedule of the reading. In other words, if I saw something was to happen in the month of April when I made the reading in December, it might be delayed or happen earlier by a month or more.

The further out the reading, the less accurate the read. This is because psychic awareness taps into potential timelines. A good psychic will read the circumstances with the strongest potential.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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