Message for March Equinox 2017 ~ Solara An-Ra |

…Breathe in deeply now … and let go through your mouth, sinking into that still-point at the end of the exhalation – and notice how one deep breath is able to change your frequency and bring more balance and peace. Become aware of how our lessons on the breath; breathing consciously, truly feeling how tuning into the still-point that comes at the top of the inhalation and the bottom of the exhalation is a method of transformation – how we are training you to feel the interface between your breath and your energy – between your physical breath and the light or energy of which you are made. These spiritual concepts and skills become easy now, in 2017 – easier than ever before to access, to comprehend, to truly master.

It is necessary, dear ones, to take time out from the usual matrix of everyday life, and to dip into an experience of yourselves as flowing light and energy, focussing on your breath – learning how to use your breath as an interface between the physical and the energy worlds, so that you comprehend internally, through your own experience, the true nature of your being.

I choose to be happy.
I choose joy over suffering.
I choose integrity over deception.
I choose light over dark.
I choose expansion over contraction.
I am the master of my reality.
I am a multi-dimensional being of light, angelic in nature and here on this planet to serve…

Source: Message for March Equinox 2017 ~ Solara An-Ra |


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