The Equinox ~ Silence is Gateway to Dreams Coming Through — Tamara Maat

By Tamara Maat, 03/20/2017

The energies of the equinox are the gateway to Heaven. It is simply everything we have desired and beyond. Our world, if we have been doing the work needed, is going to swiftly change IN A GOOD WAY that we will not have the ability to comprehend what will have just happened! Unbelievable manifestations for those whose hearts have been true. As for the rest of the world, unawakened brothers and sisters, some of them are going to sign out, having too many fears to shed and no willingness to do so at this point in their spiritual journey, while others are going to have quite a bumpy ride till their clear up the energies within their system that do not “match” the vibrations of New Earth.

What we CAN and NEED to do in order to help the process along on a personal level (because collectively, WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) is go into SILENCE or whatever sort of FAST that we believe would be doable. The emptiness that this type of fast will create within our system is going to give room for the abundance of the future to walk into our present moment. Let’s go for it! It’s A NEW DAY!!!

For questions and comments, connect with Tamara through her FB page: tamaramaat@2015

Source: The Equinox ~ Silence is Gateway to Dreams Coming Through — Love Has Won

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