A Collective Vote and Geomagnetic Extremes

Living Life in Between

Finding myself sleeping deeply and almost instantly forgetting my dreams upon waking again. I was reminded that we are still selecting timelines to embody the light, so the loss of my dreams doesn’t really upset me.

This morning the only memory I brought with me into wakefulness was of floating in front of what appeared to be a a large, glass window. I couldn’t see the top, bottom or sides of it, so I’m not sure if it was a window. However, there was something, a screen or pane of glass, separating me from the other side. On the other side were people of all ages and races. Some were pressed up against the window looking at me, but not in an attempt to escape, just out of curiosity. The memory interested me and I wondered who the people were and then knew they were different versions of me.

My guidance and…

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