Zodiac Energy Report ~ 3-22-17

Normally, a zodiac reading is done for a person to help him see where he is in all areas of his life, but I thought it would be fun to use one zodiac reading as an astrological report for each sign.

How to use: Read the whole horoscope below and see how the 12 signs apply to different areas of your life with a special emphasis on the card that is in your sign. I read from my deck, The Tarot of Creativity (TOC), and the Rider Waite Smith deck (pictured below). The keywords below are from the TOC.


Represents the Querent, current thoughts and concerns.
Nine of Cups: Sobriety R: Integrity

A nine indicates the end of something. The nine of cups is often called the “wish fulfilled” card, but when it is reversed, it can mean that you are letting go of something. Since it is a cups or water card, it involves emotions. In the TOC, this card emphasizes the concept of integrity and asks you to ask yourself if you are in your integrity, in other words, are you living according to your highest aspirations and self?

Represents the Querent’s financial and worldly situation.
Six of Pentacles: Appreciate R: Discriminate

Taurus is about health and wealth, and so are pentacles so the card in this position doubly emphasizes the need to discriminate as to whether the situation before you is in your highest and best interest, financially or otherwise.

Represents how the Querent communicates with others.
Strength Reversed: I-Mage

Use your powers of imagination to conjure up images of how you want things to be. Hold these images of collaboration and gentleness in your mind while communicating with yourself and others.

Represents the Querent’s home and environment.
Four of Swords: Reason R:Belief

It is time to take time to rest. Suspend your beliefs about your home and environment. You don’t have to continue to think of it in the same way. Reason to the rescue!

Represents romance and warm feelings.
Ace of Pentacles Reversed: The Seed

The seed of your future relationship is planted. 

Represents the Querent’s body and mind.
Three of Pentacles: Explore R:Cultivate

Cultivate the seed of your future self. 

The Querent’s relationships to others, in work, life, or love.
Wheel of Fortune: Acceleration

Things are going to go forward fast now. Can you hang on and not get scared as the Wheel of Fortune finally turns your way?

Represents upcoming changes regarding influences that are powerful or taboo.
Nine of Pentacles: Completion R: Knowing

You are in the garden of your creating, there is a sense of completion. This is below all surface confusion. In order to feel this you might have to dig deep (meditate, be still).

Represents hopes and aspirations for the future.
Knight of Pentacles Reversed: Conceive

New things are coming, but you have to stop thinking about what you desire and let things develop naturally.

Represents labor, creativity, and talent.
King of Cups Reversed: The Wave

Again, a sign of deep change, but underneath the surface of things.

Represents the influences of others upon the Querent.
Two of Pentacles: Communion R: Partnership

Seek the comradeship of your peers.

Represents the unknown, whether secret or future.
Page of Pentacles Reversed: Desire

When you no longer desire you find yourself on a new path, and in a new world. Desire will return once you are acquainted with the new world in which you find yourself. 

The Querent (refers to the person receiving the reading, in this case, you.)
Ten of Wands: Unity R: Inclusive

It is time to let go of the burdens of your ambitions and social duties. “An unbearable feeling of lightness” is the result, but you can feel very ungrounded when you do so. Being inclusive at this point means including others in your field, but not engaging in drama.

Copyright Aliyah Marr 2017. All Rights Reserved. Please share and include this link: www.parallelmindzz.com/tarot-reading

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