How to Read Tarot ~ Part 5

…continued from How to Read Tarot ~ Part 4

Having the information for both the RWS (Rider Waite Smith) deck and the TOC (Tarot of Creativity) on the same page in this book can add depth to your readings. [Editor’s note: The Tarot Key gives meanings for both decks.]

For instance, lets say you have pulled the Five of Pentacles using the RWS deck.

You go to the page for the Fives and you see that the number Five has to primarily do with change and freedom. You know that the Five is the middle of the journey, and it is a kind of portal or gate to the higher energies of the upper numbers of the scale. This gate is guarded by issues that come up in your life, represented by the troublesome Fives. If you pass the challenge of the energy of the Fives — change, freedom with responsibility — then you can go on to the upper numbers. If you cannot meet the challenge of the Five with equanimity, creativity, and poise, then you will have to go back and repeat the lessons of the lower grades, numbers 1-5.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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