In-Sights and In-Spirit-tions from Marco Island!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


The very first day we arrived in Marco Island our host, Julie, had a fantastic idea, lets go to a park.  It was a park at the water’s edge where people fished.  Open grass and large trees created an inviting walk to the water.  We had no plan, no real agenda, she was just feeling inspired.  The 5 of us, standing on the walkway that was built on the water’s edge, enjoyed getting to know each other.  Then someone (I cannot even remember who) said let’s do some energy stuff.  Another person found this huge tree to be our center point.  I so wish I would have taken a photo of this tree, sadly, no one did.  It had so many small separate trunks, not much larger than several inches in diameter each, all growing into each other to create this easy 6-7 foot in diameter tree trunk.  Someone put…

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