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Many of us are noticing that if we insist on remaining in our old comfort zones, of doing things from a place of lack, we get nowhere, or worse.  It seems we can no longer get away with it. Of course this is a good sign and it means we are awakening more to our expanded selves.  But it’s pushing us to stand out more.

And there is still a part of us that is concerned about doing that, about how we will be viewed by our brothers and sisters who still reside in the matrix, and whose feet are firmly planted in struggle.

But we are clearly being asked to choose.  Because one choice brings us in alignment, and the other sets us up for more discomfort.  It seems we can no longer straddle the fence.

Not that there are any wrong choices, because it all leads us to our enlightenment, back to Ourself.


Today I had an appointment with the service department at my car dealership, to get my routine car wash and waxing, a free, ongoing service as part of my car purchase.  In the past it always went without a hitch.  But today it was aborted.  Without going into detail, it was not possible to get it done, and will no longer be available.

Interestingly, I could feel ahead of time that I was not wanting to go through the driving there, going to a part of the city I didn’t enjoy.  In the past it wasn’t the highlight of my day, but there wasn’t so much resistance.

But this time around it felt  like I was trying to sell It to myself.  First, that I already cancelled an appointment because I just didn’t feel like going.  Second, that my voucher for the free wash is for a three-month period, and if not used, doesn’t roll over into the next three months.  Third, telling myself once I am there, I will be glad the car is being cleaned and waxed.

Yet the journey to get that end result didn’t feel joyful at all.

Photo by Maria Chambers

I was disappointed because I took all that ‘effort’ to get there.  So I drove to another car wash to get the job done and I missed the exit off the highway entirely.   I ended up at a Starbucks up the road from it and settled in with a dark roast, celebrating my grimy car parked out front.

I had to laugh at all my efforts to try to get done what should have been a relatively simple task.

This phenomenon is so fascinating to me.  It’s sort of  a ‘time of reckoning.’  Master up or else hit a dead-end, or a kick in the butt.  This kind of thing started happening to me a while back, but mostly with more major situations, like with relationships.  But now it seems to be occurring in all facets of my life.


It calls upon us who are experiencing this to be true to ourselves.  If we are not able to line up our frequency with what we are doing, we get caught in the cross-fire.  It requires us to be aware, first of all, of how we ARE feeling.  Challenging in a world in which most people do not recognize their own inner guidance.  They are just going through the motions.

And that includes choosing how we want to feel in any now moment.  Now, in my case, with the car wash thing, I tried to make myself feel good about going, even stopping for coffee on the way.  But sometimes things just don’t bring us joy, no matter what.  Whether it’s a relationship, a job or career, or even trying to convince ourselves we want yoghurt when we really want ice cream.  And pie.  With whipped cream.  And a cherry on top.  You get the picture.

Artwork by Maria Chambers


A master is discerning.  The rule of thumb is if your human self isn’t enthusiastic about something, neither is your soul.  Our soul doesn’t assert itself upon us.  Yes, we have given permission for our soul to be in our body and in our life, but that doesn’t mean our human self has no say in what brings it joy.

But when we do allow our soul more and more into the driver’s seat, it will not compromise that joy.  We end up doing what feels good in the moment more and more, which can include not doing certain things.  And that may mean we look selfish or self absorbed to others.  Or that we are being irresponsible, or in denial.  That we are not ‘facing facts.’ Or facing reality.

So we battle with our mind about it.  Maybe I should, or what if I don’t…etc..because we don’t yet trust this new place.  But it’s becoming increasingly uncomfortable being in those old comfort zones of lack, isn’t it?

In the past,  we spent a lot of time in uncomfortable situations,  but they were not as uncomfortable, we believed, as the alternative:  if we don’t work at a joyless job (uncomfortable), we will starve (more uncomfortable).  If we leave a relationship that compromises our joy (uncomfortable) we will be all alone in the world (much more uncomfortable.)   If we don’t worry about things, or push and exert effort, nothing will happen.

And, in a survival based, 3D reality, that seemed to work for us.  But in this new energy, it sort of backfires.  And now that we have experienced these higher frequencies, the lower ones of worry and fear feel pretty awful.

It’s  uncomfortable for our mind.  It literally has nothing to fall back on.  When we try going back to the old way of doing things, we hit the wall.  And it’s especially concerning to our mind because we are not feeling those same emotions of enthusiasm or passion for things.

We wonder if we will ever have the enthusiasm necessary to get things done, to activate our dreams, and now it seems even our dreams are changing from day to day, and most days we don’t really have any.

It can be a confusing and frustrating time, living in the void, and wondering how long it will last.

But the good news is, we are undergoing massive changes, and we are not standing still. We are being called, by ourself, to be more in the moment, to enjoy life like we never allowed ourselves to do before.  We are being asked to rely upon our soul more and more to take care of our needs.

We are so used to the struggle, to doing things the hard way, so it will take some more patience to adjust to ease and grace.  Allowing life to serve us is certainly is not a 3D concept.  But we didn’t come this far to continue arguing for our limitations.

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Source: Awakening And Comfort Zones | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

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