How to Read Tarot ~ Part 7

…continued from How to Read Tarot ~ Part 6

The two cards both express the meaning of the number Five in the suit: change, chaos, freedom. The Five in the Pentacle/Earth suit is the end of the Five energy — it has worked through the entire process of manifestation that started with the Five of Wands/FIRE, and now you are seeing the energy of the Five as a manifested event or thing.

You may realize that you can forestall many “negative” occurrences once you learn the path of creative manifestation shown by the suits in the Tarot of Creativity. It is much easier to create from the pure energy of the Fire (Wands) stage than at the solid, hard to change Earth (Pentacles) stage. In the case of the hypothetical reading above, if you had paid attention when this Five energy began in your life as the energy of FIRE/Wands, you may have been able to avoid the results of the energy of change, or more effectively deal with it.

The TOC card gives you practical advice that you can use, while the RWS card seems to tell you that you are once again thinking with poverty consciousness. Which card presents you with information that you can use in a positive manner? Reading from two decks gives you valuable insight on the cards. As you keep on reading, you will find that you are slowly adding to an internal lexicon of meanings, imagery, and readings.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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