Arcturian Council: Get Activated and Feel the Vibrations | Ascension Energies

You must realize how powerful you are as individuals, and when you come together with a common goal of bringing people together, and of promoting peace, love, acceptance, and compassion, the impact you have is enormous. So we want you all to recognize how powerful you are. In fact, we want you to feel it. We invite you to feel the powerful vibrations that get activated within you and to offer those vibrations freely and without attachment.

When you are able to see everything that is happening outside of you as an opportunity for you to activate a vibration within you and to be more creative and more conscious about what you are focusing upon, then you are benefitting, then you are growing and becoming. Then you are being of service to all others, no matter what their point of view.

You can either fight against those who disagree with you, or you can be for what you want to experience so vehemently that you are able to completely ignore anyone who disagrees with you. It is important for all of you to not see anyone outside of you as the enemy, no matter what they are doing, thinking or saying, Instead, see them as the catalyst that got you to vibrate in the precise frequency that you want. See them as the ones who helped clarify for you the world you want to create.

Source: Arcturian Council: Get Activated and Feel the Vibrations | Ascension Energies


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