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Here’s a little catch-up on the March Gaia messages.  Not as much in this first post as I’d hoped, but I’ll just keep posting as I get them done. Gaia’s words are in bold and my italicized takes follow each of those lines.

Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings
1 Mar

Storms of compliance awaken the hu-beings.

Lately, there have been waves of people waking up from brainwash.  That has created storms of conversation of people who see what is going on with this planet; storms of conversation about spirit;  about Freedom; storms of compliance to Goodness, Spirit, and Truth.  Those storms are awakening even more regular people.  (Regular is my term for the unawakened—what Gaia Portal calls hu-beings.)

Flashes of constructives illuminate the closed minds.

They begin to “get it”.  A closed mind will get flashes of understanding; make inferences; get bits of information and intuition from their Higher Self; downloads.  A New Agey use of the word “download” is to receive a lot of information, all at once, from a source on a higher vibrational level of existence, which source may be their own Higher Self (Soul, Oversoul, …).  Interpretations of the downloads are the “constructives” that illuminate the closed mind of unawakened people.  Those flashes are chipping away at the shell of the closed mind, enough that many can’t help but to begin to think for themselves.

Jerry prompted me to make clear that a person’s Higher Self is the closest part of God to them, and thus is the highest level of information available to them.  As a matter of fact, many of us, to varying degrees get most of our information and understanding from that God part of ourselves.  This integration with Higher Self is a major part of our New Earth evolution.

Freedoms of marches toward the Light are recognized.

Humanity is pushing the boundaries (marches) that separate us from the Light, by taking (not demanding or asking for) Freedoms—simply dropping concern for the slavemasters and BEing Free, which equates to having more Light.

Portions are increased.

A lot of people are concerned for monetary shares of global wealth.  This is not about that, but the functional portion of our DNA is on the rise.  With that, our understanding, intuition, wisdom, sensory abilities, integration with Higher Self, ability to experience other dimensions and communicate with beings in them, memories of other lives of our soul (our Akash), ability to Love, to heal others, and other attributes of Consciousness that I can’t imagine, are also on the rise.  Little by little for most of us, and suddenly in some ways for some people.  

This isn’t a race.  There’s no reason to compare.  We’re not going to suddenly jump to another dimension, with some left behind.  There will be no whole Earth cataclysm.  This is a long, strange trip.  None of the statements you hear about dramatic changes en masse will happen.  We are charting new territory and even the highest level of beings cannot predict how our creation of human life on Earth will turn out, how long it will take, nor how straight the trip will be.  

Have no concern.  We are creating a Paradise as has never been known.  Any time you think it can’t happen, consider the impact of the coming and already born New Kids on human society.

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question6 Mar

External evidences are no longer necessary for those who question.

We now have the ability to intuitively discern the answers to questions we have.  Some may hear the words in meditation; some “channel” their Higher Self aloud or in writing;  some “just know”.  The unawakened ask us to, “Prove it!” and we say we don’t need proof, because we KNOW.

Foresights are accepted, yet claims are delayed.

Descriptions of our future on New Earth are accepted.  Expectations, such as riddance of the dark hearted global controllers, the thieving taxing corporations and banks, are accepted, yet those claims are delayed.

Promissory stances clear from those of lower mindsets.

People with minds very much set in material concerns have wanted assurances that they would be taken care of, with promised monetary distributions, for example.  They are clearing those 3D perspectives of what is important for us in this New 5D Earth.  Love and Freedom for all is the new major concern.

Handicaps are removed.

Unfair governments, war mongerers, thieves and other handicaps that have saddled the peoples of Earth are now being rather rapidly removed.  Unfair employers and uncaring, even malevolent corporations are actually changing, voluntarily or otherwise.

Peace tomes are read.

Contracts and stories of peaceful agreements that fulfill needs of all concerned are being written—and read.

Source: Life Is Hard ~ And It’s Only Gettin’ Better ~ GaiaPortal – The New Earth Blog ~ Living in the New Energy


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