Shambala is a legendary kingdom in Tibetan Buddhist tradition, sought by Eastern and Western explorers. In the ancient Tibetan scriptures, existence of seven such places is mentioned. Khembalung is one of several beyuls (“hidden lands”) believed to have been created by Padmasambhava in the 9th century as idyllic, sacred places of refuge for Buddhists during times of strife.
The ancient texts seem to be talking about a place that actually existed, and possibly still exists. The legend describes a high culture, a vision of man living in harmony with both nature and with his fellow man; a place that is untouched by the greed and decadence of the outer world. Shambala is prophesized to re-emerge after the end of the age of materialism to save the world:

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In Tibetan Buddhist and Hindu traditions, Shambala is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Hollow Earth, seen as a Buddhist pure land, a fabulous kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic. The legends, teachings and healing practices associated with Shambala are older than any organized religion.

Shambala may very well have been an indigenous belief system, an Alti-Hymalian shamanic tradition, absorbed into these other faiths. This pre-existing belief system, also called Mleccha (from Vedic Sanskrit mleccha, meaning “non-Vedic”), and the amazing abilities, wisdom and long life of these ‘sun worshipers’ — the Siddhi from the Vedic Sanskrit — is documented in both the Buddhist and Hindu texts.

The name Shambala first appears in a Tibetan text known as the Kalachakra tantra — or Wheel of Time teaching. The Kalachakra doctrine belongs to the highest level of Buddhist Mahayana teaching, and those who follow it can reach enlightenment in just a number of years rather than a whole lifetime.”

The kingdom of Shambala preserves the wisdom of humanity, sparing it from the destructions and corruptions of time and history; ready to save the world in its hour of need. The prophecy states that each of its 32 kings will rule for 100 years. As their reigns pass, conditions in the outside world will deteriorate. Men will become obsessed with war and pursue power for its own sake. Materialism will triumph over all spiritual life. But just when the world seems on the brink of total downfall and destruction, the mists will lift to reveal Shambala. ~ / wiki / Shangri-La

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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