A Modern Version of an Ancient Legend

The author James Hilton obviously drew inspiration for Shangri-La from the ancient legend of Shambala. His novel Lost Horizon has resonated with many people since it was published in 1933: today, the word Shangri-La is synonymous with paradise. Hilton’s novel takes the archetype of Eden far beyond a simple symbiosis of man and nature. Lost Horizon depicts a modern civilization of refined sensibility and high cultural achievements.

Shangri-La is described as a mystical, harmonious civilization, nestled in a valley in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. The people are almost immortal, living years beyond a normal lifespan and aging very slowly in appearance. The book’s protagonist, Conway, is an outsider who is brought to Shangri-La when his plane crashes. At first skeptical, he comes to understand that the philosophy of the inhabitants of Shangri-La is the secret behind their longevity and happiness. He is intrigued by the absence of crime and the lack of laws…

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

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