Did Star Trek Feature the Solar Flash into Their Intros?


Now this is just a theory and observation I made when I was watching this show the other day. We have heard from various sources that Star Trek is part of a long-term disclosure plan to ready the population for the time and era that our daily lives will be like that of those in the show. Star Trek has disclosed the following information to us so far, some of these things subtly and some not-so subtly:

  • Archons that control and influence non-physical planes and the reincarnation process
  • Nazis controlling space stations that use super-soldiers to fulfill their agenda
  • Ascension
  • Various advanced technology and lifeforms
  • Atlantis
  • Science of time and space
  • Advanced spiritual education
  • Instructions on how to improve and develop psychic abilities
  • And many many many more things!

If I was writing everything I could into a show I would definitely include one of the most important aspects of…

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