In a blink of an eye… | 2020 Spiritual Vision

I stepped onto the beach a few days ago. I was going for a walk. While it was cool, the sky was blue, the sun was out and the water looked amazing. I have a normal walking route and know my landmarks well. Out of nowhere, in what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was surrounded by fog. I’d had this happen to me once before * but now, I had my camera – yes.

I glanced around and no longer could I see my landmarks, the horizon on the ocean… I couldn’t even see but just a few steps in front of me. I thought of the old me. I would have been startled, needing my landmarks. Now, I was really embracing this amazing moment. Instead of pep walking to my car, I paused and gave thanks for this moment. I watched as the fog came onshore from the ocean. I was safe. I had nothing to fear. I was not alone. I was surrounded by Mother Nature at her best.

I was thinking of this moment as Heaven blending with Earth. It was like walking in the clouds. I could hear, do not fear. For just a second, as the front rolled in and cover the sun, a small rainbow formed. Rainbows are my sign for, you are right where you are supposed to be.

I then danced on the beach. I mean, no one was around… no one could see me. I’m a terrible dancer but I still love it. I still try. It was so freeing. I twirled around and felt the magic around me.

The symbolism of fog is not good. No one likes to be in a fog. Even worse, a mind fog. Mental fog is just that, quite mental (ly insane). Yet, this is part of the spiritual journey – embracing what you think you don’t like and then finding the lesson or even better the joy in it.

I love sunny days and clarity in my life. I’ve been fortune to have many good weather beach walks and moments of absolute clarity about my life. So I wondered… why was this fog sneaking up on me today? I can’t say it was in the forecast. It was my obvious sign, my mirror. Hmm… what was the advantage to this fog? I did wonder if it was just for me to write more about this topic. Was I to be a lighthouse in this moment, assisting others in their journey? Lighthouse aren’t needed on the clear days, they are needed in the fog and darkness.

Life can change in a blink of an eye. It can change for the better… or worse. A job loss, a death, a promotion, a new opportunity. And it’s all good, all divine interventions, but I think I’ll explain/write an article on that another day.

Fog can ground you. It grounds planes and caution should be used when driving. It is an invitation to get still. Wait. No action is needed. Give your angels a chance to do their part. Interesting, since Mercury is also in retrograde.

Your answer might just pop out at you from this fog. Often we can’t see the answer because our mind is strong and so certain of the answer. Get neutral. Be open. Be a blank slate. Use the fog as your white canvas. What do you wish for? What would you like to create?

The interesting thing about my walk was, when I looked back at the first picture, you can see a purplish-gray front in the far distance. I just thought it was pretty and kept walking. I didn’t pay attention to that was now the same front that was surrounding me. I chuckled to myself. I often see something “pretty” off in the distance… the future. Maybe we should keep our eyes on that and draw it to us.

So I know the discomfort and inconvenience fog can bring. I’m still encouraging you to embrace it. Be, still. To go running off… scared, would be a mistake and might case an accident. Be willing to be surprised by something unseen or unknown to your mind. I’d bet it’s something pretty amazing.

So it seemed as if everything was reverse. From clarity to fog for me on this walk. Maybe fog is not your foe but your friend. Maybe what I thought I was clear about, I now needed to re-think. I had a new canvas. Think higher than your highest thought and believe. Rise above the small stuff and shine. Take small steps to create your dream and allow the Divine to work with you. Being human, we make plans all the time but allow your life to change in the blink of an eye… for the better.


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