The Dangers of Channeling (part 1)

I have wanted to post my views on this subject for quite a while. Lately, I found my personal work challenged by another (respected) member of our tiny community, someone, who shall go unnamed who runs another blog, and it brought up the subject once again.

This blog runs original articles by the editor and pieces by another person who claims to channel various ascended masters and angels.

Apparently I sent an article to the editor at the end of summer last year, and they just found it, thinking it was new. What I loved about this conversation was that it allowed me to clarify my views on channeling and also on what my criteria is for posting on this blog. I am not here to disclaim what others feel is valid, merely to define what is valid for me.

Below is an excerpt from my reply


Dear ______,

…As to where I get my material, I do not claim to be channeling an entity that is part of any established mythological framework. That would involve belief systems that I don’t have, and thus I cannot make such claims and express myself honestly. I bring in my greater/higher self, but I don’t even want to say that since I think that this is what all creative people do. It will become more common, I believe, for everyone to do this. To me, it seems that all messages that seem to come “from nowhere” are creative interpretations of energy (“in-spiration”) and, as such are relative, not absolute, truths.

To me, the value of such messages is for the “layer” of consciousness in which they were created: as such, they will resonate with those of like mind, and will not resonate with those who are on a different “layer” of consciousness. For example, I almost never repost any article that is channeled from what the author says is “outside” him: Source, God, Archangels, etc. I do, however, post articles that are an honest expression of an individual’s experience; an example of an exception to this is Lauren Gorgo’s work, which is a delightful blend of her own down-in-the-trenches experience and a group of entities that she calls the “P’s.” I also post some videos of channels who give very practical advice rather than predictions, and who do not claim to channel any known mythological entity.

BTW, none of these so-called layers of consciousness that I perceive have any hierarchy; they seem to be etheric regions of collective agreement. I think that as we pass through these layers, we get to explore different, equally valid, ways of seeing and interpreting reality, and the resulting state of openness and agility (after passing through multiple layers) allow the mind to make no judgements or absolute truths regarding its own or anyone else’s interpretation of the world that they see before them. Eventually, we come to stand for no one else, and rest empowered in our own (flexible and changing) viewpoint and personal sovereignty, because we understand that this objective “reality” is simply a projection of our own awareness. As we follow our own individual path, we start to release the belief systems of the collective, and thus we start to experience freedom from social conditioning

I put out these messages as a way for others like myself to read, and I can see from my stats that there are enough others who share my viewpoint and look forward to these pieces to encourage me to continue. I do not claim a “higher authority;” my words are designed to stand on their own.

It seems to me that your blog puts out a lot of channeled material that has absolutely none of the verifications or supported assertions that you say you require. I can only assume that the author’s claim that they are speaking for a non-corporal entity has enough validity for you. But I am sure you know that very few authorities in the scientific community would accept a channel’s assertions that Sunat Kumara, Archangel Michael, or God is speaking through these people.  You have accepted their words as truth, but most scientists think that people who believe such things belong in the looney bin. However, to you, because of your thoughts and beliefs, AAM is a real voice that is undeniable

In the same way we have learned to question authority when it comes to the medical community, or the government, so we are each going out on a limb when we accept the words of a channeled entity, and even more so, when we come to accept our own vision and dare to speak it without reference to any other accepted authority. Ultimately, anything channeled comes from ourselves, and we have to be brave enough to express what we see and feel without the need for anyone else to agree or find it even interesting.

Obviously we have totally different outlooks and ideas of what constitutes a valid interpretation of what we are experiencing. However, we can agree upon one thing, I think: that no matter what we post, the article should focus on love and unity. We can always delight in our differences.

* * *

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 Continued in Part Two

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