The Dangers of Channeling (part 2)

Continued from Part One

Keeping up this blog is a huge expenditure in time: an unpaid gig that sometimes seems like a labor of love, and sometimes seems like a huge burden.

For this reason, it is important to consider just why one does it, and what makes something worth writing and reposting, which I stated in Part One.

But I haven’t yet expressed my views on “the dangers of channeling.” Some years ago, I had the clear vision of a time to come that would challenge the foundation of many people’s belief systems and lives. The so-called spiritual community is particularly at risk, in my opinion. These good-hearted people may find themselves very disillusioned to find that the information that they rely upon is coming from a lower source than they may have ever believed.

Let me say that I think that we all have belief systems, even those of us who, like myself seek to explode as many beliefs as possible. These beliefs form the foundation to our worlds. As we grow in consciousness, we have to slowly discard even our most cherished and loved beliefs.

Here is a simple example: when you were small, you probably believed in Santa Claus. This amazing archetypical being represented generosity and unconditional love to you. As you grew older, you learned that Santa Claus was really your parents. You became disillusioned and thus were forced to give up your former belief. Does that mean that Santa Claus really never existed? No, he exists in the minds of millions of children, and thus an idea is given shape and form through the energy of the emotions of children everywhere. However, as you grew up, you could no longer believe in Santa Claus; you had gone to a new “layer” of reality.

We are at this stage right now. We are going to a new layer of reality, one that is way more expanded. However, in order to progress, we have to go past the beliefs and thoughts that support the old paradigm.

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