The Dangers of Channeling (part 3)

Continued from Part Two

Many of those in the New Age movement have discarded their old beliefs in order to progress to the level where they could understand the precepts of the New Age. However, many find comfort in the presence of “ascended masters,” archangels and other “higher beings.” These archetypes are part of a new (to us) mythological framework. Regardless of what belief system you have, the beings “above” you form the barrier to your continued development as a conscious creator. Herein lies the danger: if you or someone else claims to channel one of these accepted beings, you come to trust their interpretation of “reality” above your own intuition.

I remember a few years ago meeting a woman who said that she had had an negative entity masquerade as a higher level being. I don’t remember who they said they were, but for the sake of convenience, let’s say that they presented themselves as Mother Mary. She thought for a few years that she was channeling Mother Mary, but she found out that these beings were laughing at her. They were negative entities. Or so she said.

When we “channel” I believe that we channel pieces of ourselves; let’s say that your entire Self is a huge conglomerate of all kinds of beings experiencing different lives at the same time. Some of these lives are on Earth, and others are merely energy beings. Your so-called “higher self” is one. I think that in the end, the higher self is the only one that we need to be concerned with.

A few years ago, when I encountered negative entities for the first time, I realized this simple fact and thus asked my higher self to step in as my “gatekeeper” and translator of energies.

So, when I write, I connect only with my higher self, and let it rip. I do not claim any other connection or “outside authority” — I write from my experience and from my heart. Many times my words surprise me: I cannot remember having written what I wrote when I read it later.

I do not choose to write about my personal problems. Instead, I focus on what I feel empowers me to get to the next step in my journey. I work to have as little filters as possible, I strive for personal impeccability in my life, all the time realizing that this is an ideal, not an attainable goal.

In order to channel clearly, one cannot have the filters of huge personal issues. One has to have conquered, or at least addressed, one’s own personal shadows.

My experience with the negative entity gave me an insight into how these energies came to insert themselves on planet earth. They use the shadow in us to gain control of us.

These entities are very real. They have learned how to to use our own creative energy against us. They use the emotion of fear as a food for themselves and as a control device for us.

So, I was not surprised to learn of this woman’s encounter with “the dark side” when she channeled.

Many channels these days talk about the “star wars” in the heavens — the proverbial battle between good and evil that is happening. This concept belongs to a lower-level consciousness. No battle is being fought. We may live in a predatory paradigm, but we do not have to partake in the battle.

In duality, light must balance dark. Dark is NOT evil, just as light is NOT good. In duality, both must exist in eternal balance.

Ultimately, what you channel reflects both your positive and negative beliefs—your filter system. In order to leave the Matrix, we have to decide what we want to experience. Do we want to battle for light and good? If we do, then I must tell you that the battle will never be won. You cannot fight darkness as it is part of the nature of duality. But you can oppose darkness, and, in that case, the battle will continue indefinitely.

As we continue to believe that what is outside is independent of us, we reinforce the erroneous belief system that supports the old Matrix.

But when we choose to reinforce our own personal power and listen intently to the voice of our own intuition, we can leave the hierarchy that puts us at the bottom of the system, and gain our own freedom.

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