What it Means when the U.S. Bombs Syria and Changes Senate Rules Within 24 Hours

From Psychic / Medium Danielle Egnew


I think it’s safe to say that we now all know what the big “April Energies” are, that I’ve been reporting on, which were headed our way in order to bring exposure of corruption and change.

The USA bombed Syria in an act of aggression without the approval of Congress. I’m sure the Congress will have something to say about that —

— all in the same 24-hour period that the US Senate just voted to permanently change the Senate rules to eliminate filibustering, so they just removed the check-and-balance in the Senate for the minority party to have a voice. It’s all down to a majority vote. Which changes our Senate, and the way we govern — forever. (Not a very well-thought-out-move as the Senate will be heavily liberal in 2020. Unless they vote to change it back. Which wouldn’t surprise me.)

And all to deflect attention from the…

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