Return Of The Primordial Luminosity And The Power Of The Tibetan A (THE RISE OF A)

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

It has been a long time since I wrote my last article.  I always like to wait for many physical experiences to occur in my daily life to back up the clairvoyant information I receive.  It seems like it always happens all at once for me.  All or nothing!  In addition to “seeing” new information I found clarity in old experiences that I had many years ago.  One of my most profound experiences I had was in May of 2103.   I wrote it down….THE RISE OF A.  I had other experiences over the last few years, and since I didn’t know what they meant I forgot about them on purpose.  I “knew” in my heart that when the time was appropriate, I would see the meaning.  The time is now, and it’s interesting because my past experiences all happened around this exact time of year.  I hope this article flows…

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