The Impact of Beliefs

Steve Beckow: Mother, can I intervene for a moment? Can I just point out to listeners . . . because I’m more or less in a state of bliss at the moment . . . that in this state of bliss, in this higher-dimensional experience that the Mother is referring to as love, things simply become clear.

And I think you said once, Mother, that, “I will bring all things to remembrance” – bliss brings all things to remembrance, Love brings all things to remembrance . . . Could you explain to our listeners a little bit about how it is that bliss and Love bring all things to remembrance?

Divine Mother: Think of it as all the barriers, all the walls, all the sense of delineation – because what is isolation and separation? It is this false belief in delineation – all the delineation disappears.

(2)Source: The Impact of Beliefs


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