Travel Posters From NASA Available For Download

What happens if you are creative, have a big budget, and work for JPL? You create 14 travel posters for the galaxy. They are done in the old style before photography was used for advertising. I have to tell you, my eyebrow raised up on several occasions as I looked through them. They are very interesting.

Earth - Travel Posters From NASA Available For Download
There’s no place like home. Warm, wet and with an atmosphere that’s just right, Earth is the only place we know of with life – and lots of it. JPL’s Earth science missions monitor our home planet and how it’s changing so it can continue to provide a safe haven as we reach deeper into the cosmos.

Earth – A picture of 2 astronauts sitting by a lake with the caption – Your oasis in space. Where the air is free and the breathing is easy.

Ceres - Travel Posters From NASA Available For Download
Ceres is the closest dwarf planet to the Sun. It is the largest object in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, with an equatorial diameter of about 965 kilometers. After being studied with telescopes for more than two centuries, Ceres became the first dwarf planet to be explored by a spacecraft, when NASA’s Dawn probe arrived in orbit in March 2015. Dawn’s ongoing detailed observations are revealing intriguing insights into the nature of this mysterious world of ice and rock.

Ceres – Queen of the asteroid belt. Last chance for water before Jupiter.

europa - Travel Posters From NASA Available For Download
Astonishing geology and the potential to host the conditions for simple life make Jupiter’s moon Europa a fascinating destination for future exploration. Beneath its icy surface, Europa is believed to conceal a global ocean of salty liquid water twice the volume of Earth’s oceans. Tugging and flexing from Jupiter’s gravity generates enough heat to keep the ocean from freezing. On Earth, wherever we find water, we find life. What will NASA’s Europa mission find when it heads for this intriguing moon in the 2020s

Europa – Discover life under the ice.

Take a look for yourselves. They are available for download and suitable for printing.

Source: Travel Posters From NASA Available For Download


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