The Art of Creativity

Chapter One, Creativity defines and outlines creativity: what is it, how can we use it, where does it reside?

Chapter Two, Double Vision is about the source of creativity—our inner child—and how we, as adults, encase this pure self in a cage of fear and limitation.

Chapter Three, Body & Soul discusses the relationship of the body to the mind; how to use your mind creatively to create the body you want.

Chapter Four, Shaking the Tree explores more deeply into the mind, how to change limiting beliefs, how to overcome fear, and encourage original thought.

Chapter Five, Navigating a Sea of Emotions is about emotions: why do we have them, how to choose your emotions, and how to use them effectively.

Chapter Six, The Secret of Sex reveals how to marshal the twin forces of passion and desire to supercharge and sustain your creative vision.

Chapter Seven, The Conscious Creative shows how the practice of art brings the artist increased awareness and personal power.

Chapter Eight, The Infinite Self brings together the concepts introduced in the former chapters, and shows how they can lead the artist to creative freedom.

~ Excerpt from Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity 

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Parallel Mind,
The Art of Creativity

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