What Only The Icons Know [IMMENSELY IMPORTANT!] — Aditya Shukla

When you were born, you were a pure, true and a perfect form of a genius. But as you grew up, the small minds of the society convinced you to dream practically and live a life like everyone else.

I need to share something immensely important with you today. This post is going to be rich with knowledge and ideas and a bit longer than usual. But I promise you that the time you spend reading further will be the time you will invest for your own self to step up to your greater self.

While having my inner-reflection today morning, I decided to share this post with you. I write this post with a single intent: to awaken you to the deepest of your self so you can live the life on your own terms + speak your own truth + live your own values. Read it all. Reflect on it. Study it.

I believe, self-discovery and personal-mastery is nothing more than knowing what values and talents you owned when you were born. You see, greatness is less about developing talents and more about exploring and discovering the talents that you already own deep down withing your self. Self-discovery and personal-mastery is a journey back to home. Greatness, in so many ways, is all about igniting and invoking the already existing fire within you.

What does the quote form Kyle Jones say?

When a child is born we believe it is his or her first entrance into life. We believe there is something to teach the newborn soul that he has a worldly purpose rather than a spiritual mission. The child is told to become a doctor, lawyer or psychologist rather than letting one’s intuition fulfill the path. This is the illusion of the world – a bunch of pure beings seeking high-paying jobs rather than soul evolution.
As a child, you were aware of all your gifts. You were a perfect being with utter purity and innocence. You were full of fire. You were immensely creative, deeply passionate and fully alive. Your imagination had no boundaries. You dreams were limitless. You didn’t know the meaning of ‘impossible’. The world seemed to be full of possibilities to you . Didn’t it?

You danced in the rain without worrying about anything else. You loved to paint your thoughts, just to feel the joy and not because you needed to prove something. Money or clocks didn’t govern you. You were busy being fully alive. You were full of fresh new creative ideas! You were just simply boundless and infinite.

But then something happened. You committed a crime. As you grew up, you let the small minds of the society seduce your thoughts, and without even knowing it, you betrayed your true self. The society kind of hypnotized you to live the way majority lives. The society forced you to think and speak like everyone else does. Like, when you went to school, you were told “dress like everyone else” “move in line” “speak what others speak” “don’t be a disrupter”.

As a result, you began to shut down your true deep beautiful feelings and started living like the majority – living in the mind – spending your day rationalizing, judging, criticizing and worrying. As you grew up, the society put a lid of limitations over your head and influenced you in many ways subconsciously.

By the age of three or four, the way we conduct ourselves was simply to make our mom and dad proud of us. You, without even knowing, started acting and living in an inauthentic way just for the sake of making people you love like you. When you went to school, you did the best to score good, comparing to others just to make your teacher feel proud of you. When you went at work, you delivered the best as compared to others so that your boss felt happy for you. And this comparison with others to be the best among them dulled your truest inner spirit overtime.

And without even you knowing it, the process of personal magnificence began to be hidden.

Key point that I want you to ponder on: What made Einstein? What made Mozart? What made Gaga? They all had one thing that they shared in common – they were disrupters. They were originals. They didn’t let the small minds of the society convince them their dreams were so big. They had that required courage to stand alone as they all had deep self-belief.

Here’s the point, in case no one told you before: there is a genius giant within you and each and everyone of us on this planet. You are a genius! A born A-player. You see, not many realize the deep potent of their lives and as a result, they pass their lives amid mediocrity. Please don’t be one of them.

All that you are supposed to do is discover your true talents, gifts and life purpose. I’m soon going to share with you a post on how to discover your life-purpose and true passion. All you need to do is a little bit of that inner work which elevates your soulset. Just know what excites you because, you see, the things and acts that excite you the most are not random. Know what gives you the sense of belonging.

I hope you realize that this is the war of authenticity, audacity and integrity. This is all about being original – owning your own truth, living your own values and speaking your own truth. And I want you to win at this battle. You’ve got what it takes to be and do what you want to. You already own a deep potential slumbering within you. So I strongly urge you not to move away from your inner self but move close towards it. It’s not about not changing, it’s about exploring your self to the core of it.

Herman Hesse once wrote:

“Each man had only one genuine vocation – to find the way to himself…. His task was to discover his own destiny – not an arbitrary one – and to live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else was only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness.”
Nothing will ever happen if you go back to your routine being the same person as you were before you read this. No change will take place if you don’t act to discover your values, your truth and your own voice.

You owe it to yourself to stop making excuses.

You owe it to your potential to stop postponing.

You owe it to your self to make the decision that will change your life.

You CAN do this. I’m here to help. Step up to your greatness. Let’s get this done.

P.S. Someone somewhere you know is searching for the knowledge and insight that you have now. Someone you know is maybe searching for inspiration and awakening. Whatever I post here is a zero profit work and a 100 percent value add work to me. Please share the post so we can grow together and in doing so, let’s try to inspire others even by a bit.

Source: What Only The Icons Know [IMMENSELY IMPORTANT!] — Aditya Shukla


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