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No doubt you’ve heard that in light of the Christ Consciousness, all karma is absolved.  Personally it feels almost as good as when the library used to waive all late fines.  There is no more karmic debt unless someone is really enjoying it and wants to keep it going for personal reasons.

In case anyone is unclear about what exactly we are letting go of, I will give a simple, and brief definition and history here.


Karma is the belief that there is a debt to be paid for past transgressions.    For example, if we  were wealthy in a past life and abused our power or status, the next time around we were probably a serf or a slave to someone pretty mean.  That even applies to bosses and employees, spouses, parents and kids, and you can just use your imagination for the rest.

There are two different plans available.  There’s the individual and there is the group plan.  The individual one is what I described above.  The group plan involves groups of people.  Those groups can manifest as different races, different sexual orientations, or genders.


For instance, the Jews took on some heavy karmic guilt.  They gave themselves the Holocaust.  The Blacks decided to embody the shadow side of humanity for quite a while.  Homosexuals gave themselves aids, and women really gave themselves a bum deal.

Karma is pretty much a man-made idea, and it served a purpose up until it got really boring.

I think we all learned our lessons.  If we send out some bad vibes, we get to see the consequences.  In fact, we get to live them.

But we are really moving past the eye for an eye concept.  We got intimate with the consequences of our actions.  We get that everyone attracts their own reality, both victim and perpetrator.  Now we’re moving into taking total responsibility for our own happiness.  Probably the biggest challenge to date.

Why?  Because it means we can’t use any excuses anymore.  We can’t blame it on our ancestors, our parents, or humanity.  We can no longer use karma the way it was intended.    We are left with our own mind, flailing around, not sure what strategy it can latch onto.  I mean, there’s nothing left.  Not even the excuse we have been using for eons of time:  that we are a bad person and god is punishing us.  (A more religious approach to karma).

The guilt is simply limping along…no longer holding its own.


Yes, great news!  But, and yes….there’s always a BUT.  But what if we let go entirely of any feelings of guilt or remorse?  Does that mean we are uncaring monsters?  So we feel guilty for not feeling guilty.  We wonder, what fresh karmic hell awaits us for having the audacity to let go of guilt, shame and all those feelings of obligation?

Well, maybe it’s not more guilt we feel, but fear.  I mean…now we get to do what we want, or not do anything if we want.  All this joy  begins to bubble up, with no price to pay?    This does not compute, at least not to our brain.

What does all this mean on a personal level, when it comes to our every day life?

Well, it means no one is watching.  The authorities are not coming to take you away.  In fact, you’re not even in their radar.

It feels like I still have some residual stuff around authority.  Whenever a police car is driving behind me, my heart beats faster, and I wonder what I did wrong.  I’m convinced they are going to pull me over.

But, as we let go of karma, it pretty much requires of us to leave humanity and our own history in our rear view mirror.   We are not going to be able to take any guilt or sense of duty, obligation, or indebtedness with us where we’re going.

Now, that’s the good news, but there’s always the option of getting an extended plan, keeping that karmic wheel going.  But I’m sensing no one here wants that option.  You know what you do when those companies send you letters in the mail encouraging you to get an extended warranty on your car or your washing machine:  Put that karma in the ‘circular file.’

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Source: Adios Karma | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog


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