This Should be an Interesting Week | Planet Waves Astrology by Eric Francis and Friends

Many times reading natal charts, I’ve looked at the planets and thought: that must have been an interesting week to be alive.

We have just such a week coming up. The essence is that Mercury is stationing direct tucked right into the Uranus-Eris conjunction. The graphic to the right will give you an idea what that looks like.


Chart for Mercury stationing direct on Wednesday, May 3. Mercury is in green toward the upper right; Uranus in blue is to its left and Eris in red is to the right. Another way to say this is that Mercury has, for the moment, joined the Uranus-Eris conjunction.

Toward the top are three planets, one red, one green and one blue. The red one is Eris, which takes 558 Earth years to orbit the Sun once. (It’s also approximately 100 times the Earth-Sun distance from us — properly stated as 97 AU or astronomical units.)

The one in green is Mercury, which orbits the Sun in about 88 Earth days. In this diagram, it’s in its exact position of stationing direct. Then right next to that is Uranus, which takes about 84 Earth years to orbit the Sun once.

Note that Mercury is not merely passing through the territory. It’s doing a rare thing, which is stationing direct right in the crevice of Uranus-Eris. Before long this conjunction will be a memory, though we’ll still be living with its results for many years to come.

Yet this is a week when some of the underlying nature of the conjunction can manifest for us on the personal level. So while you might review all the usual precautions for how to handle Mercury retrograde, which can be especially intense the week of the station-direct, this is a time to keep your mind on large things.

I recognize that many people are tired, the world is tired, and the bad guys seem to be having most of the fun, making war and making money. Still, you know that you have bigger priorities than worrying about your day-to-day life. There is a future, and it’s time for you to claim that portion of it which belongs to you.

In the horoscope below, I’ve looked at this chart from 12 different points of view. There’s inspiration in the air; there are ideas; there’s the feeling of revolution. Yet this cannot happen when our minds are clouded by fear, frustration, guilt and despair. Mercury, Uranus and Eris have a delightfully amoral quality to them.

You might cast aside your worries about petty sins and transgressions, no matter whose, and invest some energy into building the life that you want, particularly from one point of view: community.

Many people are withering on the vine right now, having no idea how to connect with people, or not even having any idea that such a thing is possible. It is possible, and we’re all just a bunch of critters who need love, food and some reassuring presence here in the deeps of time, traveling across the galaxy here aboard Spaceship Earth.

Source: This Should be an Interesting Week | Planet Waves Astrology by Eric Francis and Friends


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