Energy Update ~ The Continuation of the Dimensional Shift ~ May 5, 2017

The Dimensional Shift that I posted about in my last article which you can find here is still continuing. I advise reading my last article as well to understand what has fully taken place this last week. Many are still experiencing symptoms of the HUGE transformation that has just taken place. Some of these symptoms are:

Extreme Tiredness


Bouts of Sadness

Bouts of Nausea

Bouts of Dizziness

Feelings of Bliss rotating in and out

Feeling as though not connected to Earth

All of these are happening because of the deletion of the dark timelines I talked about in my last article. As these timelines are deleted, we too will go through a transformation of deletion of the lower remnants of the dark timelines that remain within us.

I like to think of it as comparing it to ELEVATION sickness. As we move to higher frequencies we need to become acclimated to these higher new levels of awareness. Even though this shift occurred by building through out the months of March and April, it was still a very HEAVY process to go through. We were slammed with Geo Storms for over 30 days out of those 2 months and each time we went through tremendous DNA upgrades which forms the Light Body.

This shift is bringing in HUGE insights into our authentic Selves which is what the Ascension process is all about. Many are being able to now get back in touch with the lost child that had so much promise but got lost along the way. Many light workers had difficult childhoods and were not understood by their parents. They did not fit the mold their parents wanted them to fit into. This caused tremendous pressure and stress to conform from an early age. They did not fit the mold because we were not here to be like everyone else and we knew this from a very young age.

This stress may have made them completely loose touch with their authentic selves. Yet NOW is the time with the help of the UNIVERSE and Creator to go back and find this hidden child that has been under layers of programming and conditioning. Now is the time for the awakening of all of the Creators children to shine their unique selves unto the world.

Source: Energy Update ~ The Continuation of the Dimensional Shift ~ May 5, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg


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