Energy Reading ~ Taurus: Your Finances and Worldly Situation

Energy Reading ~ Taurus: Your Finances and Worldly Situation


Rider Waite Smith Tarot
A queen sits on a throne of lions holding a staff as a scepter and a sunflower; a black cat sits alertly at her feet.

…Who can thrive without the love and care of their mother? How long would we live if the planet Earth did not sustain us? The energy of the wisdom of love infuses all matter, it is a wave that undulates below all material existence. Love is the energy that supports the cornucopia of matter,* the ever-flowing breast of the Divine Mother that feeds all life. The archetype of the Goddess Sophia represents the understanding that love is the energy that supports everything in the physical. We can use this archetype to induce love to flow in our life by allowing the principle of love to move freely through us, using us as a channel on the physical plane…

Tarot of Creativity
In The Tarot of Creativity, the Queen of Fire is THE FLAME of pure intent and desire. The mastery of intent and desire requires a strong individual who has erased the lower, unconscious emotions from her life, and purified her desire in the flame of her original, innate being.

The Queen of Fire is in perfect, balanced alignment with her Higher Self. As the material version of her Higher Self, she executes the intent of her Spirit, and she achieves her desires as if by magic, or truth be told, by magic indeed.

When You get This Card in a Reading
The Queen of Fire represents the mastery of the primal force of creation. But mastery isn’t domination, it is a feeling of alignment, a partnership of your lower self with your Higher Self. The Fire that bridges your material experience with the intent of your Spirit is the FLAME of passion.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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