Well done, everyone still standing. (Nodal Shift) – Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

…When you see that Love has fire and teeth just as it has softness and surrender …. those neat little categories dissolve instantly. And unconditional love can just as easily hold you in warmth and connection, just as it can boot you out of its space, wishing you well from the core of its soul.

In short – there are many well-meaning, but ultimately shallow expressions of energetic understandings that the inexperienced, or uninitated are likely to mouth without fully understanding the division (within and without) that they continue to perpetuate.

So what is the Opposite? If you can call it that?

Embrace your Hate. Dance with your Darkness. Get Intimate with Shadow.

You get the drift.

One who has embraced their hate … is probably the least likely to go and inflict it on another. That´s the truth of it.

The more you love your Shadow …. the less you will want to use it for Harm. It becomes a cherished part of you.

It never disappears.

Just as the skies will never lose their blackness.

Just as the womb will never have built in torchlights.

Just as you will always be, eternally, a Child of Light, Darkness and all that that cannot be captured in that binary.

This message comes at a time where I, you, we are being asked to back into the deepest, most raw, vulnerable, tender and primal aspects of ourselves reside. We call this the inner child.

This is the you that came into the world and learnt about what a Being would need to be. And sometimes it was nurtured .. and sometimes it was tortured.

Go back into that little self and love it to death. Dance with it, play with it. Look into what it remains afraid of. And to the Bogeyman, say BOO! I SEE YOU!

Think of it as clearing the decks for Jupiter in Scorpio 😉

But yeah …

Play with that being within. And the creation you see in the world, emanating from you and all those around you, will astound you.

Enjoy the North Node in Leo and the South Node in Aquarius  till November 2018.

Source: Well done, everyone still standing. (Nodal Shift) – Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD


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