The Underpinnings of the Matrix

The Underpinnings of the Matrix
In The Avatars of Eden the phrase, “the Matrix” refers to Earth’s current system of control and domination. Like the grid of a giant holodeck,* the Matrix projects a fantasy which we have come to believe is real. The Matrix is fueled by our beliefs and emotions.

From the day we are born, the Matrix force-feeds us ideas that are designed to keep us in the Matrix. As our thoughts create our reality, the Matrix sustains and recreates itself by directing those thoughts and telling us what to believe. You are indoctrinated with many thoughts, beliefs, and “facts” that pertain to the Matrix, but do not benefit or support you. These beliefs run invisibly in the background; they are unnatural to your innate Self, but they are drilled inexorably into your brain day after day, until you accept them. We are all subject to this conditioning; it is what finally kills us in the end.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

* * *

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