Energy Reading ~ Cancer: Your Home Environment

Energy Reading ~ Cancer: Your Home Environment


Rider Waite Smith Tarot
A craftsman consults with his patrons about a building.

…This card shows you the final building of the creative vision first conceptualized in the Three of Wands. When we get to the Pentacles/EARTH stage of creative manifestation, we have to handle details well. After all, if you don’t put the precise measurements into an architectural plan, the whole thing may fall down. This is due to the density of this plane which operates by certain laws; gravity doesn’t exist at “lighter levels,” such as the level of intent represented by the Wands suit or the level of thought represented by the Swords suit. The suit of Pentacles, as the suit of the material, is very practical.

Tarot of Creativity
It is time to explore and cultivate your ideas. The Three of Earth expresses what happens when you have followed the path of creative manifestation through the number Three.

What was easy to start in the Three of Fire may be a bit harder when you get to the Three of Earth. The manifestation process is easier to influence at the beginning in the Fire stage than in the manifestation stage represented by the Earth suit. But if you are conscious of all aspects of yourself, and the proper way to create, represented by the four suits of the Tarot, you can direct change in a conscious way.

When You get This Card in a Reading
Spend some time with your creative muse. Don’t plan anything, just play and brainstorm for a while without any mental or emotional constraints.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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