Energy Reading ~ Virgo: Your Body and Mind

Energy Reading ~ Virgo: Your Body and Mind

Rider Waite Smith Tarot
…The MOON reflects only a pale portion of the light of the Sun; it reflects the fear we often have of our own subconscious, the right brain, or female side of our brain. There are great riches to be discovered in the subconscious if you can walk the path in balance. Everything in this card indicates that the extremes of a polarized existence are to be avoided: being a DOG is no better than being a WOLF, and the prison-like TOWERS are austere reminders that a life lived in the prison of the ego or too-rational mind is a severe and barren existence.

Tarot of Creativity
The title of The Moon in The Tarot of Creativity is DREAMING. The infinite pool of universal subconscious that some may call Source can be accessed through our DREAMS. Our personal subconscious is linked with the universal subconscious through our dreams.

…Reality is the dream of the Soul that it has chosen to experience. Karma and the dreams of the incarnated Self in all its myriad forms is the consciousness that is reflected by the MOON. You, as the individual dreamer have access to the collective dream. It cannot be otherwise. The dream you dream unlocks the subconscious like a key.

When You get This Card in a Reading
Are you afraid of your dreams? The subconscious has nothing in it to be afraid of: it is merely a messenger with a message to deliver to you. An artist learns to tap into her dreams for creative material. Use your dreams in order to clear your subconscious; then they can help you know your highest desires, the light of the MOON illuminates the path to your dreams. The best route to your dreams is the most direct one.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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