Sierra Roberts: Going Crazy? Me Too!

eader – and friend – Sierra Roberts of New Zealand expresses the sense of “going crazy,” waiting for the breakout of the Reval.

Hear her column, if you would, as Sierra “sharing” how it is for her. Not right or wrong, but valid for her.

This kind of sharing I prize greatly, whatever the subject.

“Going crazy? Me too!” by Sierra

Dinar Chronicles, 5.17.17

This morning I woke at 5.30am and decided to change my attitude or I really will go crazy. The interminable wait for the GCR combined with days of torrential rain has pushed me to the edge.

I thought, ‘How do I deal with this?’

Firstly, I decided to change my self-talk. I changed ‘I am going crazy…’ to ‘I am going to USA…’ As soon as the GCR money comes through I am on that big bird to the States to reunite with my soul group friends. The need to break free from my isolation in New Zealand is so great I could…go crazy!

So now I say to myself, ‘I am going to USA…’ which is my 5D time-line. Lord Sananda said in a recent channelling that all other time-lines have fallen away except for the time-line leading to the Golden Age.

My entrance into the Golden Age starts with an extended trip to the US so I need to make that my ONLY focus. When I allow thoughts of craziness to enter my mind, I am slipping back into the old 3D time-line. That time-line doesn’t exist anymore. It’s just bad memories, ghosts from the past.

My office wall is plastered with photos of Hawaii (first stop, to relax on the beach!)…New York City (haven’t been yet, can’t wait…) and Disneyland (been three times, love it…) I have put up a note with the flight times from Auckland to Honolulu which I look at throughout the day.

This morning I talked with two dear soul sisters who live nearby and are also experiencing on-going waves of craziness. One of them said, ‘Let’s walk in the rain. Let’s show the cabal that we are tougher than them!’

So in 30 minutes, that’s where I will be – walking in the rain with a loved lightworker friend, talking, sharing, caring, keeping each other going for yet another day.

And that’s the main purpose of this wonderful DC family. We are here to keep each other going for another day, until one day – when we least expect it, like a thief in the night – the GCR will be here.

All this angst will instantly become a distant memory, like the pain of labor disappearing at birth.

However let us never forget the darkness before the dawn, the time when we will look back with nostalgia (as OWK [One Who Knows] said in a recent post) at the dying 3D days – when we nearly went crazy, but didn’t.

Love and Light


Source: Sierra Roberts: Going Crazy? Me Too!


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