Chariots of the Gods

There are many sci-fi stories about a primitive people who worship a technologically advanced race from the cosmos as gods. We often identify with the gods in these stories, but we are, in fact, the primitive people who have mistaken superior technology for superior beings. This is another case of the truth that is hidden in plain view. Why don’t we make the connection? Because we were “given the mind” of the Controllers who came to conquer Earth.

Just like the primitive in the story, we have been deceived into worshipping a being that is not inherently superior, but just happens to have better technology. Our arrogance and self-importance—hallmarks of the mind of the Predator/Controller—only allow us to identify with the oppressor in this story, and not with the naïve primitive. We can’t see the parallel because of the crippling self-importance of the “foreign installation”—the petty, superior, insecure mind of the Controllers running an insane script of superiority and fear in our heads.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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