A License to Kill

Religions often use the “convert or kill” technique to gain more territory and material goods. Does this sound like the original intent of the spiritual masters who inspired those religions? Most religions have a belief in the basic goodness of their god, and most of them adhere to the idea that it is morally wrong to kill and steal. Yet this is what many of the major religions have done throughout the ages. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see the hypocrisy and insanity inside these social organizations. Within such a system people have no chance to grow and become responsible, ethical individuals.

Is it responsible to look to a remote god for your sustenance, or to blame him for your failings? Is it virtuous to bow to an image of a god while denouncing or killing others who don’t believe as you do?

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

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