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If someone has stage four cancer, and another person has a common skin rash, which one do you think would be easier to heal?

It depends. But one thing that is for sure, more cancers have been healed spontaneously than the medical profession can explain. And that is because of passion. If someone got a dire diagnosis in which the doctors say, “there’s nothing more we can do for you….” what often happens is the person’s passion for life kicks in.

They step up their desire to stay alive. They cannot depend upon a surgery or any outside treatment anymore so they have to conjure their own inner resources. Which is available to everyone. They finally line up their desire to their frequency and voila!

With a common skin rash, the motivation isn’t quite so acute, is it?

The same principle applies to feeling abandoned by our guides and angels, or even by another human being. They have stepped back and now we are called upon to feel into our own soul and its love and support. We are now called upon to access our own wisdom.

So the training wheels are off.

Art by Maria Chambers
This could even come in the way of feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of ascension information out there, and after awhile it begins to feel confusing. This is another excellent way in which our own resources begin to kick in. Now we are pushed into deciding what our own truth is, and staying loyal to that.

We can compare it to weaning off a drug, a medication or even off of supplements and vitamins. When we do, our own body’s natural ability to balance kicks in.

We can apply it to no longer bailing someone out financially or emotionally. We then gift them with depending upon their own inner resources.

This process of awakening isn’t supposed to be some kind of punishment, although it at times feels like that. It is a process of becoming the sovereign beings we are naturally. It is a process of self-reliance, but not the old human interpretation, where you power through life’s challenges all alone. It’s a relationship between our human and our soul self. One that is in the process of developing.

But we have been so dependent upon the outside energies, of friends, family, and even our guides, that now it does feel awkward. It can feel as if we are all alone and just spinning our wheels.

But that’s not true. We are not alone. And even though our spiritual guides have stepped back, they are still there and they are amazed at how we are doing in spite of the challenges of this transformation. The other realms are not belittling us. They know the courage it takes to do this.

There are fears, the boredom, loneliness….there’s the physical issues….and half the time we are not even sure where this whole process is going.

There is no guarantee we will come out smelling like a rose. That we will rekindle a new passion for life through our soul.

Art by Maria Chambers
But then as I look around at the lives of those who are not even remotely aware of this process, some of those humans appear to be doing quite well. Some are suffering with illnesses and financial challenges. But as I look into their eyes, I see that they are not truly free. They are confused, lonely, scared, frustrated. Some hide it well. They truly believe that this is all there is. They for the most part think that you’re born, you struggle and then you die. End of story. They don’t yet recognize that they have a soul and that soul is the gateway to their freedom here on Earth. So….their lives are not exactly a bed of roses. Even the ones doing well…that will all end at their death if not sooner, and they will not have gone through their own awakening yet.

So I guess you could say that I prefer going through the challenges of my own enlightenment, than be back there in an asleep state. Why? Because everyone is going to have to come this way eventually.

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