The Elephant in the Living Room

…Quantum physicist David Bohm sought to understand the nature of wholeness, while his colleagues kept on trying to dissect matter into ever smaller parts. He posed the question: What if everything in the visible universe is supported by a larger unseen force?

He theorized that reality is reliant upon an unseen but potent power called the implicate order that underlies and supports the external world of appearances. He describes a force that, like the world of Alice in Wonderland, is fluid and dreamlike; it is unmanifested, godlike, inscrutable, and unknown. The implicate order can be thought of as an infinitely deep and broad sea of potential, while physical manifestation — the explicate — is just a ripple on the surface of that sea. Quantum theory suggests that a presence — a vast consciousness — is behind everything.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

* * *

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