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An acquaintance at the cafe sometimes wonders why the world seems so much worse than years ago.   And I point out that it’s going through a shift in consciousness.  That there are enough people now on the planet, albeit a very small number, that it is now possible to move into a totally new era.

And I go on to explain that what the world is going through is, the places that issues were buried are now coming to the surface.  So it seems that things are getting worse, but in fact they are simply pockets of unconsciousness awakening.

But for the world, it will be a relatively slow process.

And for us who have opted to awaken in this lifetime, to realize our embodied enlightenment, things are more accelerated.  We’ve been prepping for this for literally lifetimes.

What the world is going through, we have already gone through.  We’ve gone through our own darkness, and spent years battling our own ‘devil’ until we realized that the dark is from the light.  That it’s not bad, but just parts of ourself that were buried.

We realized that the awakening is simply accepting all the parts of ourself, the light and the dark. Our human and our divine.

The rest of the world has not yet owned their darkness, but instead is projecting it outward onto an enemy of some sort.  That enemy could be the government, big business, the wealthy, other races, or the devil.  On a more interpersonal level, it could be their kids, their spouse, their co-workers, their boss.


You could say our physical body is like the rest of the world.  It is still operating in the old consciousness.  It is slower in catching up with our enlightened consciousness because it is still to a degree carbon based.  Because of the light we have invoked, it is bringing up issues, long-standing disease.  Things are coming to the surface to be cleared.

Just as we witness the seeming darkness and chaos around the globe, and we understand that it is simply the precursor to change, so it is with our physical vessel.  It is simply going through its own changes, and its own iterations.  It needn’t be judged as a bad sign, that there is anything wrong, that we have done something wrong, or as a sign that things are headed for disaster and doom.


Many people subscribe to the end times as meaning the end of the world. That the planet is headed for self-destruction.  But we know it is simply the end of the old age.  And it’s even the end of the New Age.  The introduction of the Christ light on the planet has ushered in a new era of consciousness.  But like any new cycle, the old must disintegrate.  Old systems need to shift and crumble.

And that causes a great deal of fear,

It causes groups and individuals to panic and try to maintain the status quo.  The power mongers work overtime to maintain their power.  But, what they are discovering is that in the New Era, there is no need for power, that power is an illusion.

So trying to do things the old way becomes harder and harder.

Art by Maria Chambers

The new consciousness is all about allowing.  Not trying to change things.  Not exerting pressure upon anything,  the Christ consciousness is really about allowing and receiving.  It’s a diametrically different way of life than what has been in place for eons of time.

Embodied Enlightenment is about putting self first.  It is about allowing ourself to be human, and inviting our soul into our body and our life just as that body and life is.  It is an often grueling process.  It brings things up.  It can create temporary chaos.  It required a devotion to ourself, and it requires us to be kind of selfish.  To often walk away from distractions.  From entanglements with other human beings.


It is not even a spiritual journey.  Because most of the so-called spiritual seekers are trying to find spirit.  They are on a quest. They are primarily interested in how they can better serve the rest of the world.  They subscribe to unity consciousness, in which the needs of others come first.  There is a place for that, and at a soul level, they are just where they need to be.  But it’s not embodied enlightenment.  Most people in the New Age community are invested in the spiritual seeking process and are not ready to face their own darkness.  They are still focused upon only the light.

Embodied Enlightenment is not about seeking anything, or trying to improve upon our human self.  It’s not about being a better human being, or a more loving and giving human being.  It’s not about meditation, crystals, essential oils, energy portals, ETs, prayers for world peace, or conspiracy theories.  It’s not about analyzing all our issues.  It is not about healing others, or even about healing ourselves.

It’s really about simply accepting ourself as the limited human, with a limited mind, and allowing that part of ourself that is unlimited, our Christ consciousness to bloom within us. That does all the transforming necessary.  And it becomes the solution to all the world’s dilemmas.  It is done one soul at a time.

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Source: Moving Beyond The New Age | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog


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