Enchanted Gardens

Editor’s note: This article is by Eileen Silon, one of my clients and friends. She is an amazing psychic healer. If you want a session with her, go to: http://down2earthspirit.com

Every Day Magic For YOU

Enchanted gardens are one of my favorite things. Yesterday I was invited to sit in one. It was gorgeous with colorful flowers, beads, and stone figures. The fMulti ppl grn gold can 1 (2)airies and other very small Devas came to visit as soon as we sat down. After I calmed down from the joy of feeling and seeing them, they helped guide me back into my sacred center of being – an inner place where I was able to reconnect with my own eternal magic. It is a sacred energetic and emotional space where everything is always just perfect. All my aches, pains and worries fell away as I re-experienced this wonderfulness that is ME!!!(You have it too.)

One of the best parts (is if that wasn’t great enough)? I got to share it with a like-minded friend. So satisfying all the way around.

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