Energy Reading ~ Pisces: the Secret Unknown

Energy Reading ~ Pisces: the Secret Unknown


Rider Waite Smith Tarot
…The journey of the Self started with undifferentiated consciousness: humans and animals in the Garden of Eden lived side-by-side in a state of total harmony and bliss. Once humans made a choice to pursue individuation in the search of self-knowledge — by choosing the apple, which has the sacred symbol of the pentacle, the number of man, at its heart — they had to leave the garden of bliss, and journey through lower forms of consciousness. The self-conscious is the newest kid on the block in the story of evolution; no animal has the kind of brain that seeks to know itself. Our nature forces us to be self-reflective. Self-reflection is how the cosmic mind experiences ego (individuation). Once we integrate the new self-conscious with our total self, we will once again find ourselves in the Garden of Eden, because we will have rediscovered Oneness inside the experience of individuation. We will have come to recognize the divinity inside duality.

Tarot of Creativity
LOVE is the title of The Lovers card in The Tarot of Creativity, but this is not the imperfect love of the spiritually immature; the love referenced here is unconditional love.

…The Lovers/LOVE card shows us how to deal with Duality at the highest level, that of non-judgmental acceptance, which is actually unconditional love. This is the card of the “Divine Other,” the recognition of how to reconcile the state of duality into a working partnership. Which duality? Essentially, that which is inside ourselves. Superficially, this is the Anima (female) inside the male, and the Animus (male) inside the female, but the meaning of this Tarot card goes much further than Jungian psychology.

The LOVE card refers to the ability to see the divinity and sacredness of the Divine Other, the other half of the androgynous Soul. Like the Yin/Yang symbol, a tiny bit of the female portion exists within the male and visa versa…

When You get This Card in a Reading
Treat everything around you with LOVE — and you will see LOVE reflected in everything around you.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul by Aliyah Marr

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