What of the body during ascension?

Gaia Ascension Forerunner

There seems to be a bit of confusion about what is happening / will happen to one’s body during the ascension process.

Many have said that this time we are “taking our bodies with us”.  What is meant by that is that we do not have to die to leave this world.  Instead we can ascend.  But technically, these bodies we are NOT taking with us.  We are taking our human FORM, but not these actual bodies.

We are talking about two different bodies here – the 3D physical carbon-based body and the 5D physical crystalline body.

Well, we could also include the light body but when it comes right down to it, we are not “creating” a light body, but our human self is just reconnecting to it and in a conscious way.  The light body is the vehicle / vessel that our soul resides / travels in, no…

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