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Gaia Ascension Forerunner

At the same time I’m writing about Bill Nye telling people what to fear – to just “not worry your pretty little heads about what we are doing with food (which you still have other options / choices on anyway)” and instead “worry about this virus which you, on a personal level, can’t do one whole hell of a lot about anyway (and wouldn’t be harmful anyway if you ate real food)”- then someone is visiting my blog and brings their fears of things “out there” here.

It may not have been their intent to fear monger and yet the end result is the same.  Reading one of their comments about made me want to hurl.  And they kept posting comments here, there and everywhere and regardless of the post, they found some way to work it back to “Folks, fear this!” (Bill Nye, is that you?!) and over something that…

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