Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

…From such a low frequency, love cannot be known. What people think is love can only be self-interest disguised as love. By subjugating and “dumbing down” women, the Controllers had denied women the self-respect that fosters the natural development of self-love. Without self-respect, women could not experience self-love, and so love on Earth became distorted—even motherly love.

Love becomes a simple mercantile exchange: a woman exchanges her independence and childbearing potential for a man’s protection and goods. Carnal love serves the Controllers when it is perverted from its original divine expression by the prevailing frequencies of domination, inequality, and lack of respect that they promote as “natural” to human beings. These beings revel in emotional drama and trauma; sexual perversion is high on their menu of emotional delicacies.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

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