The Creative Belief

We are subject to a habit of thought that forms our reality. This is called a belief. As a rock creates eddies in a stream, a belief affects the source energy that swirls around it.
The mind identifies, not with the Self, but with the clothing of its beliefs. If we lose a belief, the mind races to replace it with another. We mistake the camouflage of our beliefs for the reality of who we really are.

~ ~ ~

Beliefs are very creative. Beliefs call up the power of consciousness to transfer a potential held in the quantum soup of the implicate — unexpressed potential — over to the side of expressed consciousness — manifestation into form. This is why beliefs have to be questioned by every person who seriously aspires to full conscious awareness — especially if the belief did not come from one’s own experience but from our social conditioning. Another term for belief could be “limitation,” for each belief represents a ceiling to our conscious awareness, and it has to be surpassed in order to advance to the next level. ~ “Unplug From the Matrix: Truth is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction”

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

* * *

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