The 5th Dimension as Imagined in the Movie Interstellar

In 2014, a film named Interstellar explored the possibility of a fifth dimension. In the movie, a future version of humanity that has evolved to higher consciousness comes “back” to save us. These 5th dimensional beings can see all points of time, and want to somehow convey their higher perspective to the protagonist, Cooper. They know that once he is within 5D, he will be able to go to the exact point in time to give his daughter critical information on how to save the Earth. Cooper sees the bookcase in his daughter’s bedroom as a tesseract (four-dimensional hypercube) which shows him a kaleidoscope of potential instances, all in the same space:

~ ~ ~

TARS: Somewhere, in their fifth dimension, they… saved us.

Cooper: Who the hell is they? Why would they want to help us, huh?

TARS: I don’t know, but they constructed this three-dimensional space inside of their five-dimensional reality to allow you to understand it.

Cooper: Well, it ain’t working.

TARS: Yes it is! You’ve seen that time is represented here as a physical dimension! You’ve worked out that you can exert a force across space-time!

Cooper: Gravity. To send a message.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

* * *

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