The Seers and Personal Freedom

I believe that the seers saw the process of evolution, the way that the awareness of all beings evolves in tandem with all other forms of life, so that all consciousness can evolve. But the Eagle apparently only consumes (recycles) the awareness of beings that are not at a high level of consciousness and individuation.

In contrast, a warrior could use a special dispensation ticket: the result of a life of high consciousness, and personal discipline. After a lifetime dedicated to personal freedom, where the adept had lost all his social conditioning, karmic traces, emotional baggage, fear, and self-importance, he could hope for the freedom of total awareness, and pass the Eagle’s test. In other words, he became an ascended being, self-evolved, and free of the gravity of the karmic version of Earth.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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Unplug From the Matrix The Avatars of Eden

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