Reincarnation or an Incarnational Loop?

The seers of antiquity used their formidable powers to see what happens when people die. They saw that when the average being dies on Earth, the awareness that has been enhanced by their life experience is consumed by a seemingly all-powerful entity that they called the “Eagle,” not because it is an eagle or has anything to do with an eagle, but because it appears to the clairvoyant seers as a huge jet-black eagle, its height reaching to infinity. This force has given awareness to all living beings in order to let them have life experience. This enhanced, “borrowed” awareness is the Eagle’s food.

In other words, instead of ascending/evolving, the dying being is stopped at a layer of dimension/density that is just outside the visible dimension/density that we know as “reality.” Karma and reincarnation ensures an endless supply of beings locked into mindless drama and fear-based unconscious emotions.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix: Truth is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction

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